Fiction / 14′ / Poland 2016

– premiered at Curtacinema Rio de Janeiro 2016

“Apocalypse” is a dark fairy tale about loneliness. It combines 3D animation with live action footage.
Maurice and Susie live together in a tower block infested with surreal pigeons. Maurice, 30 is a neurotic who hates the birds, because their cooing makes him insomniac. His junkie girlfriend Susie, 25 desperately needs a change in her life. An egg hatches on their balcony – the baby pigeon claims to be the reincarnation of Maurice’s mother. She warns the young couple to start looking into each other’s eyes, or else they will die. Susie believes the bird, but Maurice only wants to kill the bird. Are they going to find a way to find happiness?

trailerapoka from Justyna Mytnik on Vimeo.

Special thanks to Kodomo

  • Original Screenplay by Justyna Mytnik
  • Cast: Agnieszka Skrzypczak, Piotr Polak
  • Cinematography: Michał Dymek
  • Editing: Michał Poddębniak
  • Production designer: Marta Zając
  • Sound designer: Agata Golusińska
  • Production manager: Weronika Lisek

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