– Fiction / 90′ / Poland 2022
– received development funding from PISF & Media Slate
– participated in pitchings: Polish Days & Connecting Cottbus
– received Midpoint Consultancy Award
– produced by Lava Films http://www.lavafilms.pl/projekty/91_lany-poniedzialek/

„Wet Monday“ is a fantasy drama about sisterhood, set during Easter. A teenage girl has never told anyone that she was raped and talks in her sleep about carnivorous rabbits. Her nosy sister is determined to unravel her secret, whilst the protagonist obsesses about stopping the nightmares with the aid of pagan rituals.

The kernel of this story are Wet Monday celebrations, when the boundaries between play, eroticism and violence blur. Teenage sisters struggle to come to terms with sexuality in a world, which imposes confusing social expectations on them. Pagan rituals exist alongside the holy Easter traditions, reinforcing the contradictory values of sexual openness versus chastity. The world my characters inhabit is that of magical realism, akin to Marquez. The mood shifts back and forth from eerie to lighthearted. My aim is to highlight the importance of empowerment through empathy and encourage solidarity. The film focuses on secondary wounding of a rape survivor brought about by family and peers in the form of disbelief, blame and stigma.